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Decrepit Birth’s Bill Robinson Emerges from Woods, Records Vocals for New Album


Decrepit Birth studioDecrepit Birth drummer Samus Paulicelli made lemonade out of lemons last month when he turned a UPS mishap that resulted in a very slimmed down drum kit (by Decrepit Birth standards) into a fun video, “Death Metal on a Four-Piece Kit.” An exciting little nugget contained therein: the reason Samus needed that kit in the first place was because he was getting ready to record his parts for a brand new Decrepit Birth album, the band’s first since 2010’s Polarity.

Samus tells MetalSucks that the sessions have been going swimmingly so far. And then this: Bill Robinson lives!! If the band’s Facebook post is to be believed, Robinson has emerged from the pot farm, shack down by the river or bridge under which he currently resides to record his vocal parts. Photographic proof:

So: new Decrepit Birth album in early 2016? Certainly seems likely. Death metal needs a new dose of the Birth like it needs… something it needs really, really badly. Cut me some slack, it’s early, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. I know Mr. Robinson would.

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