We’re Glad Cryptopsy Held on to “Detritus (The One They Kept)”



Maybe The Unspoken King wasn’t AS bad for Cryptopsy as it could have been. Don’t get me wrong, that album did them no favors, and they’ll never live it down; if I write anything about Cryptopsy, I’m going to mention The Unspoken King. But what that means is that whenever the band does something good, it’ll be lauded as incredible and greeted with surprise, all because it’s not like the songs from that one album.

Case in point: the video the band has recently released a video for “Detritus (The One They Kept),” a track from the first of the upcoming trilogy of EPs they crowdfunded. The song is classic Cryptopsy, and is good on its own merits, and the video is a great barrage of rehearsal footage. But even then, this track and video are elevated to mythic standards in my opinion because they are good ol’ straightforward Cryptopsy. They’re a departure from The Unspoken King, and therefore rules on a huge scale.

Anyway, check out “Detritus (The One They Kept),” directed by Chris Kells of The Agonist, below. The Book of Suffering – Tome 1 comes out October 30th, but you can pre-order it at Cryptopsy’s Bandcamp.


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