Bloodhunter Perish Beneath a “Dying Sun”


Before this morning, I’d never heard of Spanish thrashers Bloodhunter. When I first listened to their track “Dying Sun,” I thought, Oh, cool, is this Marco Aro’s new band? Because the vocals sound quite a bit like Aro’s vocal work in The Haunted, which I always preferred to Peter Dolving’s.

Not only is Bloodhunter not fronted by Aro, they’re fronted by a woman who calls herself Diva Satanica. And while that might not be the most original stage name – they also have a guitarist calling himself Fenris? Come on, guys — the band itself rules. They hit that perfect mix of death-thrash and melodeath that feeds the burlier extreme metal aspects of my personality. This is great weight-lifting music, riffy and muscular while still a little arch and evil. So what if their metal names aren’t mind-blowing, these guys are a lot of fun.

Check out the band’s insane-ass video for “Dying Sun” below, full of sexy nuns, bondage angels, and rain. Their self-titled full-length is out now on Suspiria Records.

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