The Peanut Gallery: Jill Janus Edition


Yesterday, we wrote about a cryptic and intense message Huntress frontwoman Jill Janus posted on the band’s Facebook page — a message which seemed to announce her departure from Huntress. Later, we reported that Huntress guitarist Blake Meahl announced that the band was not broken up, but that Jill had been having an especially hard time with mental illness, which had caused her to post the somewhat convoluted departure message. We wished Jill and Huntress the best, and we wish it to them again today.

In both posts, we referenced the fact that sexists and assholes were going to give Janus a hard time about this and label her a “crazy bitch.” But given how many people claimed in the comments section of this piece about sexist assholes that sexism in metal was created by the media, we hoped that maybe you guys would have a mature conversation about this story.

But of course that didn’t happen! The sexists and assholes came crawling out of the woodwork in full force! Let’s take a look, shall we?


Someone’s sad he got snubbed by the defensive line at his high school reunion.



You’re right, if a male lead singer made an unfounded break-up post on his nationally-touring band’s Facebook page due to his mental illness, we wouldn’t care. Dude, we write a post when Bruce Dickinson DOESN’T crash his plane.



Hey, I wrote a humor piece about you guys!


Doesn’t it suck when you’re attracted to a woman who doesn’t need you?


We actually have written plenty of posts about Mr. Osbourne. These posts, however, are about a different person. It’s okay, we know that concept might be difficult for you.



Aw man, a baby-faced white kid using emoticons AND the N-bomb. What a time to be alive! See you in Wash Heights, pal.

But let’s not give all the credit to the misogynists. Defenders of the mentally ill also came out to express the self-righteous ire of those who didn’t read the post they’re super-angry about.


Wait, so… are the pigs eating the shit? Why would we eat shit if we despise it? Also, sperm donors use cups. Not everyone jacks off in the Red Lobster bathroom, chief.


We invite you to give a person having an especially hard time with their severe mental illnesses full access to your workplace’s Facebook page.


I hope you realize that pumpkins aren’t turquoise.

Thankfully, one commenter had the balls to express the honest truth.



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