Magrudergrind Date New Album, Release New Song


Magrudergrind - II

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait’s end is now in sight: Magrudergrind have announced that their new full-length, the Kurt Ballou-produced II, will be released on February 12. This is the band’s first album for Relapse, and their first new release of any kind since 2010’s Crusher EP.

Just knowing that there’s new Magrudergrind on the not-so-distant horizon would be enough to make any sane metal fan happy, but the trio, kind fellas that they are, have also debuted a new song with Noisey! It’s called “Sacrificial Hire,” and it suggests that II is going to represent an artistic evolution for the band: sonically speaking, it’s fuzzier and less harsh than the band’s past output, and musically speaking, at significant amount of it isn’t even grind.

Says the band of the track:

“Sacrificial Hire is about the psychological state necessary to keep Jihadist movements alive and the idea of submission and cowardice passing for martyrdom. Also, we ripped the first riff off of Agnostic Front.”

God, I love this band.

Listen to “Sacrificial Hire” below, then go pre-order II here.


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