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Today in Black Metal Hip-Hop: Romantic


To date, experiments in fusing black metal with hip-hop have gone not so great. You know shit is dire when a German dude with blonde pigtails and a 49ers jacket produced the most successful attempt at such a hybrid so far.

The latest foray into a genre that shall heretofore be known as “blip-blop” comes from Beacon, New York’s Romantic. To be honest, I don’t think it’s very good… but it also definitely takes the amalgamation of the two genres to further extremes than any of Romantic’s predecessors ever did, which means that if anyone ever really does manage to pull of some quality blip-blop, Romantic will inarguably be considered one of that musician’s forebearers. So he’s got that going for him.

Still, dude needs a new promo photo. “Here I am standing in front of my garage in a robe and oh yeah by the way I have scoliosis” just doesn’t work.

romantic in front of his garage

Check out some of Romantic’s music below, then head to the comments section to discuss.

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