The Pit Photobook Offers an Intimate Look at Moshing


I’m assuming most of our readers have been to a live show at one point or another, and have thus had the opportunity to participate in a mosh pit. If you haven’t ever been in a pit, well, they can be rather hard to describe… but photographer Sven Ellerbrock has managed to eloquently articulate their goings-on:

“The pit is a dynamic space that arises from the movements of the densely packed concert audience and is constantly being reshaped by coexistence and conflict. it is an integral part of the subculture where headbanging, crowdsurfing and aggressive or even violent dancing is not just permitted, but expected.”

Pretty accurate way to illustrate an act most metal fans view as commonplace. But if you feel like Ellerbrock’s words still aren’t enough to capture the intensity of the past-time we all know and love, then take a gander at some of these images from his new photobook, The Pit:

pit-1 pit-3 pit-9 pit-13

Ellerbrock sure has a way of beautifully framing raw intensity.

The Pit is the result of a long-term photo project that “deals with the dynamics, diversity and aesthetics of mosh pits on metal and hardcore concerts.” The book is being published next week in cooperation with the Wacken Foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with the Wacken Foundation, it’s a cause that supports young artists in the metal scene. The music life isn’t an easy one, especially when you’re just starting out, and it’s good to know that all the proceeds from this publication will benefit the foundation entirely.

The book will be available during this weekend’s Wacken Open Air Festival. You can find more info about The Pit, Sven Ellerbrock, and his other projects here.

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