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Gatecreeper Release New Awesome New Track, Cover Art



I haven’t kept my love of Arizona OSDM crew Gatecreeper a secret — I was stoked to see their new video, I was stoked to see them go out on tour with Skeletonwitch, and I was stoked to find out they’d signed to Relapse. In short, I dig on this awesome band a lot, and can’t wait for their new album.

Well, the band has just released both the cover art for their upcoming new release, Sonoran Depravation, and a new track titled “Craving Flesh,” both of which fucking rule. The former is a cool and creepy homage to where Gatecreeper are from, but doesn’t go full Cow Skull With A Rattlesnake In The Eyesockets. After all, cowboys are cool and shit, but is there anything more metal than dying of thirst?

The latter, meanwhile, is burly yet creepy, and is full of the sludge-fist riffs and grossout bellows that make the band such a worthy addition to the Relapse family. Fans of Autopsy will dig on this track a shitload.

Sate your hunger for dripping human gore with “Craving Flesh” below. Sonoran Depravation drops October 7th, and you can pre-order it here. And don’t miss the band live next month at one of the dates listed here.

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