Listen to the New Devin Townsend Single “Failure” Right Now!

Devin Townsend announced his new album Transcendence back in May, but since then we’ve been left waiting with our hands on our crotches in anticipation.

Wait no more! Heavy Devy has released “Failure,” the first single from the album via Spotify. Check it out below.

Hot take first listen reaction: it’s great. It’s not super heavy, and that’s a good thing. Devin’s less heavy stuff over the past several years has been his best work, IMO. “Failure” is a bit ethereal, a touch atmospheric, and an overall chilled out track — with some excellent guitar work — that calls to mind some of the stand-out tracks on Epicloud and Addicted, his two most poppy albums. Will Transcendence follow in that vein? I sure hope so, because it really feels as if Devin’s being his most honest when he’s producing this kind of music.

Transcendence comes out September 2nd, and Devin’s billed it as a true collaboration between he and his DTP bandmates.

Thanks: Rob H.

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