Video: a Couple Boning During an Attila Set


Sometimes music takes you to a special place, and you’re lost to the rhythm. In that moment, your base emotions take over, and you behave like a wanton animal. Now, if the music is thick, and thumping, and sensual, this makes sense. But when it’s a bunch of bouncing shrieking deathcore, well, your desires might be a bit more questionable.

One such questionable couple decided to give in to their carnal desires during Attila’s set at Dirt Fest in Pontiac, MI, this past weekend. As you can sort of see in the video, the lovers in question bang atop a parking lot as the band screeches on in the background (that or she’s having back trouble and he’s trying to help her jam a disc back into alignment).

Watch the video below. Hopefully they conceived and will get to tell their children this story some day. “See, sweetheart, we were all about That Life then, and your dad couldn’t wait to find a Port-O-John before getting up in my guts…”

[via The PRP]

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