Want to Star in a Horror Flick Called Death Metal? Here’s your Chance!



Are you in a metal band? Do you generally love metal music culture? Of course! You definitely don’t read this site for our political views, so why else would you even be here?

There’s a new horror feature in the works called Death Metal that’s going to start filming in Ohio on June 1st. Here’s the gist:

It’s about a metal band that inadvertently writes a song so evil that anyone who hears it is afflicted with a deadly curse… DEATH METAL is a horror movie that’s about and for the metal community and, as much as possible, we want to involve the talented people who make up the metal scene.

Sounds a lot like the plot to 2015’s Deathgasm, but I really liked that movie for what it was so I’m definitely on board. Who knows, maybe this one will have a different spin, or maybe it’ll take itself more seriously (please don’t). The only thing I know for sure right now is that I’m excited for these two genres to continue their love-fest.

If you’re interested in auditioning check out the movie’s site here. You’ll be able to find additional information about the film including character breakdowns and sides. So start honing your acting chops and get some clips together of your best portrayals, place them alongside a headshot and a resume, then send them on over to Just make sure to include your name and the character in the title line.

If you’re in a band, preferably in the death metal sub-genre, and you want to submit some music for the film, you can do that by shooting an email to Just be sure to include your band name in the title line.

Finally, if you’re in the Ohio area and you’re interested in being part of the film crew send your resume over to Throw your name and the position you’d like to be considered for in the subject as well.

Death Metal is written and directed by Michael Kuciak. Michael Alden (Unhinged) and Ian Holt (Episode 50, Dracula: The Un-Dead) of Alt-House Productions are producing in partnership with Blast Furnace Media. The ensemble already includes Christopher James Baker (The Purge: Election Year, True Detective), Carmen Gangale (Batman v Superman, Captain America: Winter Soldier), and Shadia Martin (Sweet 16).

Sounds like a sweet opportunity if you ask me. So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and get in contact with ’em right now.


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