Australians Lose Their Shit After Guns N’ Roses Bass Tech Confuses Melbourne with Sydney


All Guns N’ Roses fans know Duff McKagan’s bass tech, McBob (pictured above right), even if they don’t realize it. I have no idea what McBob’s full/real name is, but he’s been introducing Guns N’ Roses for most of their career. He did the same for Velvet Revolver during McKagan’s tenure with that band.

So. The other night, Guns N’ Roses played in Melbourne after two nights of performing in Sydney. McBob, who it’s safe to assume was exhausted, shouted out “Sydney” instead of “Melbourne,” which, naturally, got a less-than-enthusiastic response from the crowd:

Of course, the band apologized…

…even though there is honestly no reason anyone should give a fuck. You try spending every few days in a different time zone and see if you can keep track of where you are after awhile. Shit, The Simpsons has been making jokes about this kinda thing for years — not just bands having no idea where they are, but audiences’ bizarre excitement over meaningless regional shout-outs.

So, really, no one should be offended if the band they’re seeing confuses their market with another market. Unless you live in New York and someone refers to you as New Jersey. Obviously, that’s is just fucking insulting.

[via Metal Insider]


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