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Ex-Coliseum Frontman’s New Band Fotocrime is Goth as Fuck


fotocrimeIf your first reaction upon seeing “ex-Coliseum” linked to Ryan Patterson was confusion, you’re not alone: it seems he chose the unveiling of his new band Fotocrime as his way of saying Coliseum are done.

Assuming Coliseum can’t continue on without him, that is… a Patterson-less Coliseum would be really weird, but I suppose not impossible.

In any case, Fotocrime have released their first single “Always Hell” via Impose and it’s absolutely fantastic. If you’ve followed Coliseum’s career closely you know that the band’s shifted away from their blues rock roots into new wave / goth-influenced territory in recent years, and that trend is now fully realized with Fotocrime. If Patterson (who now goes by R. Pattern) decided that the Coliseum label didn’t fit his music anymore and he wanted a fresh start, well, that’d make a ton of sense.

Stream “Always Hell” below, and good luck resisting the urge to press “play” again immediately after finishing the first spin.

The track comes from a 7″ EP of the same name which will come out on May 12th; pre-order here.

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