How Vaping and Heavy Metal Music Go Hand in Hand


If you find yourself walking down the street and notice someone with your favorite metal band t-shirt, it’s easy to strike up a conversation. Right away, you know you have a lot in common. Metalheads unite through more than just their music: we also connect through a lifestyle, that often includes sharing a good smoke. Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of smoking are taking the backburner to a healthier alternative — vaping — and it’s easy to make it a topic of conversation with some good music playing in the background. Here are just a few ways how vaping is beginning to fit right in alongside the heavy metal scene.

The Vape Bar Atmosphere

When you walk into a public or private vape bar, the atmosphere is oftentimes relaxing and edgy. Vaping is meant to give you an experience and part of this includes setting a mood that will attract you to stay, vape and check out new products and services that the vape bar or store may be selling. Many rock and heavy metal fans love to smoke but understand that they can’t in most public places, bars and restaurants. Vaping gives users a chance to experience a nicotine rush, depending on the absorption rate of the vaping juice and the type of vaping device used.

Many vape bars sell a variety of E-juice packs to customers, so you can take it almost anywhere — including your favorite heavy metal bar or restaurant. If you’re a true vape fanatic, try a recurring monthly subscription service, like ZampleBox. You’ll get more value for your money and stay stocked with the latest add-ons and trendiest juices to use with your favorite mod or vape pen.

No Smoking At Major Venues

Most concerts, arenas, and casinos are rapidly banning cigarettes and tobacco smoke. Some don’t allow E-cigarettes either, but there are a few that will still permit vaping. Since the beginning of heavy metal music, fans have enjoyed smoking while listening to their favorite metal band. It creates an atmosphere and for some, a lifestyle. In fact, smoking is mentioned in several rock and heavy metal lyrics since the beginning of the heavy metal era back in the 1970s. Vaping allows hardcore fans a chance to truly enjoy their concert experience without disturbing other concertgoers who don’t smoke.

It Isn’t Cool To Pose With Cigs Anymore

Some of the most iconic rockers of the 1970s and ’80s posed with a cigarette, many of them famous as well as infamous and easily recognized by millions across the globe. While it may have been the standard for young rockers back then, times have changed. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a rocker or entertainer who is posing with a tobacco product in their advertisements. In fact, many former smokers are now vaping, according to the CDC. Vaping is becoming more popular in the heavy metal band circuit, and fans are following suit. Some of Hollywood’s elite are even posing for vaping ads and products in commercials and magazines.

While smoking will always be popular throughout the world, vaping and e-cigs are growing in use. From creating your very own customized e-cig to choosing a huge variety of flavors and potencies to smoke, vaping is a popular and affordable alternative for metal heads.

More Family Friendly Metal Parties

It’s a known fact for many heavy metal music lovers, that a mosh pit or outdoor venue is sometimes no place for small children. With heightened language, occasional drug use and heavy drinking in full swing at many concerts, taking a small child or young teenager is not recommended and oftentimes restricted. But, nowadays it’s not unusual to see some bands bringing their family and children on the road with them. There are some venues that do in fact welcome children and teens, but alcohol and smoking are prohibited. Keep in mind that vaping may or may not be allowed at these locations. Use discretion when bringing kids to a heavy metal rock concert. Ask the venue before you purchase tickets what the restrictions are.

Seeing metal fans smoking outside of venues and bars will always be a thing. With tobacco being banned in so many public areas, vaping is a becoming a popular and trendy choice for responsible heavy metal fans everywhere.

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