Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Jason Hook Used To Be In Hilary Duff’s Band


Let’s take a walk down memory lane, when Jason Hook was in Hilary Duff’s band. Yes, Jason Hook, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch and Alice Cooper, played and recorded for Hilary Duff. But are we going to make fun of him for it? Nah, because Jason is actually really cool about the whole thing.

Sure, when I first heard about this, I immediately laughed, excited to poke some fun at this band. But why was that my immediate reaction? For what reason was it funny that the guitarist for one of the world’s most popular metal bands played for a Disney star? I mean, everybody has to start somewhere, and playing guitar in a band for a ridiculously famous pop-star and actress is hardly a bad place to begin. Upon reflection, I actually commend Jason.

In a new interview with LouderNoise, Jason talks about how the gig was actually a chance thing:

What I also appreciate about Hook here is that he says he liked the experience. He defends his short career with Hilary Duff as a great achievement rather than a lapse in judgement, which, as he says, would be very easy to do. He says he has fond memories of his time in the band, he enjoyed it, and he learned from it. I think to put him down because he was in a pop star’s band is to be unnecessarily cruel and kind of elitist. Heavy metal is hardly the only genre of music, and musicians have as much of a right to play multiple genres as the artist who works in multiple mediums.

Jason has a new movie coming to streaming services August 1st, a documentary that features musicians for Metallica, KISS, Billy Joel, and a plethora of other incredible world-famous acts. It’s called Hired Gun, and it’s about being in these huge bands and the social mechanics behind them. You can hear more about that in the interview below.

And here’s a video of him playing for Hilary on The Ellen Degeneres Show:

[via RockFeed]


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