BEHOLD! A Rough Mix of Kill the Client’s Final Album, Rats


Although nobody seems to have made much of a big deal about it at the time, Kill the Client have broken up. The news comes straight from both drummer Bryan Fajardo and frontman Champ Morgan. Apparently, the band has been done for more than two years. Maybe they were trying to spare us all some pain by not making a larger-scale announcement. But pain we do feel, for Kill the Client were fucking excellent, specializing in the kind of grindcore so powerful as to instantly sterilize the listener.

There is, however, a silver lining… specifically, that someone has put the rough, unmastered version of the group’s final album, Rats, online. Even in this unfinished state, it sounds heavy as fuck. Maybe someday we’ll get lucky and somehow the really real version will come out.

In the meantime, enjoy this, bittersweet though it may be…

Thanks to our friend Nic for the tip!

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