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With cigarette smoking on the decline in the United States, many have turned to vaping as an alternative. The metal world has changed with the times as well, with many musicians embracing vaping over the classic imagery of rock stars — Lemmy, Slash, Ozzy, etc. — with cigarettes dangling from their mouths. The cigarette, once a timeless trademark of rebellion, is now being replaced by vaping pens and e-cigarettes.

Evolution Guitars recently debuted a guitar with a built in vape pen, ensuring you never need to put down your instrument just to take a smoke break:

The Foo Fighters, depicted as old men in their new video “Run,” incite a nursing-home riot, complete with smashed windows, stage diving, a stolen car and vape pen, in which they take a deep toke and create a vape cloud:

Testament vocalist Chuck Billy has launched his own line of vape pens, Lord Vaper Pens. The marquee pen in the line is called “The Chief,” a nod to Billy’s Native American heritage, that boasts extra high temperatures when compared to other pens on the market.

Intergalactic space monsters and metal masters Gwar have also gotten in on the vaping game with their unique flavored e-liquids. With names like KeySlyme Pie, Immortal Corruptor and Bloodbath, the flavors play off the band’s storied image and offer an additional revenue stream for the band in today’s age of sagging music sales.

Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction has spoken about how vape pens were very helpful in helping him to quit smoking after decades. Navarro said in an interview with Huffington Post that he quit cigarettes and switched to vaping, and after four months of using the vape pen he was able to quit nicotine entirely.

Swedish metal band Despite released their own eliquid flavor called “Cog One” together with Vapemate. Despite offered a free track download with the first 1000 purchases of Cog One to help get their new venture off the ground. The e-liquid promises an “English dessert” flavor, with hints of berry, citrus, and other creamy dessert flavors.

In addition to being a healthier alternative that can lead to quitting smoking for good, there are other benefits to vaping. It’s lighter on the wallet, with a pack of cigarettes approaching $15 in some places. It’s more convenient, with smoking having been banned in most public places, including at concert venues. It’s also way less smelly: no longer do you have to come home with all your clothes reeking of tobacco.

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