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Mastodon Will Release New Album Cold Dark Place in September!


Mastodon - Cold Dark PlaceOnly a few months after the release of Emperor of Sand, which came out this past March, Mastodon will release another new album called Cold Dark Place in September.

The news comes via two sources: 1) An Amazon listing that has since been pulled, with a September 22nd release date via Reprise Records listed, and 2) guitarist Brent Hinds’ own Instagram account (embedded below), along with the album artwork.

At the beginning of this year Hinds spoke about a solo album called Cold Dark Place he said he’d written and planned to release in June on Record Store Day (problem: Record Store Day isn’t in June). Now it seems as if Hinds and the band have collectively said “fuck it,” and they’ve decided to release it as a proper Mastodon album.

Needless to say, September is coming up very soon so we should start hearing music from this thing ASAP. It’ll be interesting to hear how Hinds’ “solo” work differs from a collective Mastodon effort.

We’ll keep you updated.

New jamZ coming soon!🎶🤘🏿

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