High Schooler Dresses as a Nameless Ghoul from Ghost for His Yearbook Photo


In a move he shall surely never regret, Long Beach High School senior Carlo DiMarco decided to dress up as a Nameless Ghoul for his yearbook photo.

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And why, pray tell, did young Mr. DiMarco choose this particular wardrobe for his photo? He tells Loudwire:

“I decided to wear the nameless ghoul mask for my picture because I thought it would be awesome given they are one of my favorite bands. I really wanted to see a Nameless Ghoul’s yearbook photo, too, so now I got to see that. Great way to represent Ghost and made for a great photo that would definitely generate some laughs.”

DiMarco goes on to reveal that he plays guitar and is currently in search of bandmates. So if you know anyone who dressed up as Alice Cooper or Beefcake the Mighty or Buckethead for their yearbook photo, tell ’em to get in touch with DiMarco.

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