Exclusive Track Premiere: Hobosexual’s “Monsterbater”



Intended as an acknowledgement of the fact that they both grew up dirt poor and that guitarist/vocalist Ben Harwood was raised in a LGBTQ family, Hobosexual obviously have an attention-getting name. But whatever you do, dismiss any notion that they’re riding the coattails of provocative gimmickry; they are so, so much better than that.

The party line on the Seattle duo — which also includes drummer Jeff Silva — is that they’re the love child of AC/DC, Torche, and Soundgarden… and for once, the party line ain’t just hype. Hobosexual plays a brand of hard rock they accurately describe as “heavy-ish-stadium-in-your-parents-garage,” the kind of timeless, street-level, feel-good, party-inspiring caterwauling that will unite a bar full of strangers faster than you can say “happy hour.”

Take, for example, their new single, “Monsterbater.” Harwood sounds like vintage Tom Keifer fronting Led Zeppelin (the hook is unabashedly reminiscent of “Rock N’ Roll”), while Silva holds shit down with beats so fluid and powerful you’d think he recorded them from a rollercoaster. If shots were to miraculously appear every time you hit “play” on this track, you would not be the least bit surprised. There’s no shortage of bands out there right now trying to carry the torch for classic rock, but few of them have the kung-fu grip on that torch that Hobosexual have.

CRANK this shit — the louder you play it, the better it sounds! The track will appear on Hobosexual’s Monolith, which comes out November 3 on Kitchenable Records. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to Hobosexual’s Facebook page for pre-order info, which should be available soon!


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