Cavalera Conspiracy Announce New Album, Unveil Cover Art

Because I have the best job in the world, I have already heard Cavalera Conspiracy’s new album, Psychosis, and lemme tell ya: HOL-EE FUCK. I thought Sepultura’s most recent album, Machine Messiah, was pretty good… but Cavalera Conspiracy continue to be the band that makes the kind of deathrash old school Sep fans crave. This is some Arise-style shit right here.

The Brothers Cavalera have announced that they’ll release Psychosis on November 17 via Napalm Records. Mark in your calendars, ’cause you’re gonna wanna hear this one.

Alas, no single yet, but while we wait, here’s the cover art:

I’m assuming the Psychosis cover is meant to reference Roots, but maybe I’m reading too much into the fact that they both feature faces decorated with tribal doodles.

In any case, expect a song to drop soon! We’ll keep you posted…

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