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Alter Bridge and Parallax Orchestra: A Blend that Produced Wonders in Royal Albert Hall


On the two nights of the 2nd and 3rd of October, 2017, the Royal Albert Hall in London — which has had a legacy of holding annual Proms concerts every summer since 1941 — hosted the unique combination of a distinguished rock band and an equally-exciting orchestra, each complementing the other to create wonders. This distinct blend, which entertained the audience to the core, was formed by the coming together of the hard-rock legends Alter Bridge and the 52-piece Parallax Orchestra. They performed so well together, and many in the audience got a once-in-a-lifetime rock music experience.

Alter Bridge are an American hard rock juggernaut that had their humble beginnings in 2004 in Orlando, FL. The band is well-known for their hard rock albums, arousing and scintillating live shows, and long and extensive touring. Ever since their formation, the quartet has consisted of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy (from Boston), lead guitarist and backup vocalist Mark Tremonti (from Detroit), bassist Brian Marshall (from Fort Walton Beach) and drummer Scott Phillips (from Madison).

Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

Albert Bridge released their debut album One Day Remains in 2004, eliciting mixed responses but ultimately certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Their second album Blackbird was released in 2007, generating better reviews. The band released two more albums, AB III and Fortress, before releasing their latest album, The Last Hero, in 2016. In between, the band has embarked on many tours, the most recent being in London where they performed together with Parallax Orchestra.

Parallax Orchestra is relatively new to the music world. Violinist and viola player Will Harvey and cellist Maddie Cutter founded this exciting and well-groomed professional orchestra in 2015, a group of creative musicians who are collaborating to explore the heights of music. This orchestra of talented, young professional players provide both session-player fixing and music arranging services. They’re also the resident session players at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, owned by producer Peter Miles.

When this creative orchestra joined forces with Alter Bridge, it’s the audience who benefited the most. Many famous musicians and singers like Fatima Moreira de Melo — a professional poker player with a history of cultural performances in shows — have praised the Royal Albert Hall joint performance by Alter Bridge and Parallax Orchestra as being truly awesome.

The band and the orchestra coordinated and complimented each other exceptionally well throughout the performance, no matter whether it was slow songs like “Watch Over You” and “In Loving Memory” or a heavy track like “Cry of Achilles.” The combination managed to take every single song they performed to the next level. Apart from the band’s careful selection of the songs to be included in the set list, the main reason behind this awe-inspiring performance is that the orchestra tried to complement the band rather than overpower it. Each and every individual put in their best, including Myles Kennedy, who was exceptional.

A rare combination of individual brilliance and well-coordinated action has made this maiden attempt by both the band and the orchestra a huge success. When thousands from all over the world filled the Royal Albert Hall, not many expected this kind of a show. Alter Bridge and Parallax Orchestra have raised the bar by performing above the crowd’s expectations. Now the task for each of them is to raise it further, or at least to not let it slip.

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