War of Ages Sound Like Sevendust Now


Before we begin: I am a fan of both War of Ages and Sevendust. This post is not meant as a slight.

But damn, check this out! War of Ages’ latest track “Creator” is like a long lost Sevendust song. Sure, no vocals in Sevendust’s catalogue are as aggressive as the verse to this song, but the differences end there: there’s a bouncy nu-metal riff intro, a clean-sung, anthemic chorus with lower-third vocal harmonies, and even an artful, not-quite-over-the-top guitar solo straight out of the Clint Lowery playbook! Compare it to “Splinter” from Sevendust’s triumphant 2010 comeback album Cold Day Memory and “Hero” from their 2005 Lowery-less affair Next — as just a couple of examples — and you’ll hear the similarities right away.

Again, I like both bands! I’m sure the similarities are accidental. It’s just an observation. Have War of Ages always sounded like this and I just wasn’t paying close enough attention? Discuss amongst yourselves.

War of Ages released their new album Alpha — also the title of a Sevendust album! — on December 8th via Facedown Records; order it here.

Sevendust, meanwhile, are currently wrapping up the recording of their latest — with producer Elvis Baskette, about which I am VERY VERY EXCITED — slated for release in 2018 via Rise Records.

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