Life of Agony and Drummer Sal Abruscato Seem to be Parting Ways


Life of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato has hinted via a Facebook post that he has left the band, expressing a desire to spend more time with his family. In a separate post he indicated that his other band, A Pale Horse Named Death, have recently become active again.

Ghost Cult Mag has screen shots of both posts, which we’ve embedded below, including a comment left by Sal responding to a fan that would further indicate he’s leaving Life of Agony. No official statement has been released by either party, so make of these screen shots what you will.

Life of Agony released A Place Where There’s No More Pain earlier this year, and with the recent birth of his third daughter it’s easy to imagine that the band’s touring schedule is simply more than Sal can handle. I really, really liked A Pale Horse Named Death’s last album Lay My Soul to Waste (2013), so I look forward to hearing more from them; presumably that band’s schedule is less demanding than LoA’s.

Abruscato was not an original member of Life of Agony but had been with the band since 1992 and played on their breakthrough debut album River Runs Red. He previously left the group between 1996 and 2002, and 2012 and 2014, according to Metal Archives. He also, of course, was a founding member of Type O Negative.

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