Here are Hundreds of Photos and Videos of the Misfits Reunion Despite Danzig’s “No Cell Phones” Policy

Glenn Danzig attempted to enforce a strict “no cell phones” policy at the Misfits reunion show in Las Vegas on December 28th and in Los Angeles last night (December 30th), requiring all fans to store their phones inside special locked pouches that could only be opened in designated “unlocking stations.” But, get this — shocker!!! — tons of people snuck in their phones anyway (or broke them out of the pouches), and there are literally hundreds of photos and videos on Instagram to prove it.

Isn’t it weird how you can’t stop the forward march of technology? And you can’t police innocuous behavior into oblivion?

Here are just a few from last night’s show in LA that we found within a matter of minutes by searching #misfits on Instagram. As you all can plainly see, Glenn’s “strict” policy worked REALLY, really well; everyone respected it, and the money spent on those stupid pouches was definitely not a waste. Good job, everyone! High fives all around!!!!



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