Breaking Benjamin: Still a Band


You, I and all of our friends grow older. Presidents of the United States come and go. Gay marriage becomes legal, as does marijuana in many places. Seasons, tides and lunar cycles go in and out. Fashion, art and music trends evolve and change. But one thing always stays the same: active rock radio!

Pay a visit to any mid-American city, crank the radio up in your rental car and discover that nothing whatsoever has changed since 2002: active rock is still exactly the same! Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Theory of a Deadsuck, all these bands sound just like they did 15 years ago (and are still wildly popular) because change is boring, a pastime for wussies who like evolving and trying new things! Fuck that noise.

Stream the new Benjamin Benjamin track “Red Cold River” below and pretend you’re cruising down I-94 whilst listening to WRIF. New album Ember comes out at some point this year that doesn’t matter because the future is clearly inferior to the past anyway.

[via Loudwire]

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