Polyphia’s Grandmothers Star in Hard-Partying New Music Video “40oz”


I don’t know whether the ladies in Polyphia’s new video for “40oz” are in fact the band members’ own grandmothers. It would certainly make sense: way easier to convince family to take part in a shoot like this than find and pay actors to do it! And it would be so, so, so fucking badass.

But, either way, this video is fantastic, as Polyphia’s usually are (gotta keep it extra interesting due to the lack of vocals). The video features four elder stateswomen standing in as the band members while miming through the track, intercut with footage of a raging house party for the older generation that’s complete with the titular 40 oz. malt beverages, old people joy-riding on their scooters and drawing dicks on the faces of anyone stupid enough to pass out in public. In short, my kinda party.

Polyiphia’s most recent record The Most Hated can be ordered here.

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