Watch Witherfall’s Horror Mini-Film for “Portrait”


Witherfall’s new video for “Portrait” is like a perfectly campy ’80s horror flick condensed into a six-minute mini-film. It’s got all the hallmarks: a couple’s retreat at a seemingly innocent and serene lake house, the equally beautiful and handsome protagonists, and the evil seductress haunting the unwitting couple from the grave after some gruesome atrocity years ago.

And blood! And passion! And drama!

As for the ending, well… you’ll have to watch to find out how this story ends for all involved, but this being metal you can probably guess that it doesn’t end well. You can watch the KasterTroy-directed clip below.

We’re quite high on Witherfall’s 2017 debut album Nocturnes & Requiems, so we very much recommend you give that a go if you haven’t yet and you like what you’re hearing on “Portrait.”

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