Fans Speculate That Five Finger Death Punch May Have Stolen the Cover Art for Their New Album And Justice for None


Update, 3:04 p.m.: Five Finger Death Punch’s manager confirms that the artwork was indeed legally licensed from Spiral Assassin, with whom it originated. No plagiarism here. Sorry to disappoint anyone.

Earlier today, Five Finger Death Punch announced a May 18 release date for their new album, And Justice for None. Included in that announcement was the cover art for the deluxe edition of the record (below), which includes three bonus tracks. No artist or designer was credited in the accompanying press release.

Thing is, it didn’t take long for some fans online to notice some striking similarities between that cover art as the below poster, which is being sold by a number of retailers online, including Amazon:

The poster is clearly the base image for the cover. The colors on the Justice cover are more saturated, and some FFDP-specific details have been added, but everything else is exactly the same.

So here’s the thing: I think it’s entirely possible that the members of Five Finger Death Punch had no idea about the poster. I also think it’s possible that whomever designed the cover legally licensed the original image. So it could be plagiarism, but I wouldn’t slap any proverbial cuffs on anyone just yet.

Regardless of the what the explanation ends up being, I think it’s hilarious that someone noticed this within hours of Five Finger Death Punch’s original announcement. I mean you wouldn’t expect to see that thing on the wall of anyone who both has decent taste and is old enough to legally drink. Seems about right.

Thanks to the mighty mighty Emperor Rhombus for the heads up.

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