Exclusive Song Premiere: “Will it Blend?” by Virgil, Featuring Current and Former Members of Animals as Leaders, The Faceless, Cynic, Entheos, and The Zenith Passage

Album art by Dr. Knudson

The pedigree of the new project known as Virgil oughta be enough to pique your interest: piloted by guitarist Chris Knific, Virgil also features drummer Navene Koperweis (Entheos, ex-Animals as Leaders), bassist Brandon Giffin (ex-The Faceless, ex-Cynic), and guitarist Justin McKinney (The Zenith Passage, ex-The Faceless). But it’s the actual quality of the project which will hold your interest: as the cover of their debut EP, The Pacer, suggests, Virgil’s music is a mind-expanding anxiety attack, perfect for neurotic over-analyzers like us.

To wit: the title of Virgil’s first single, “Will it Blend?” is a technically intimidating track that suggests a wide array of emotions, from panic and melancholy to Zen-like balance and overwhelming joy. In fact, the title of the song could be referring to the way that it blends a diverse array of musical styles, from metal to prog to fusion jazz, into one satisfying package. In other words, if you like all of these dudes’ past bands, you’re pretty much guaranteed to love Virgil, too.

MetalSucks is proud to debut “Will it Blend?”, which you can check out below! Virgil’s The Pacer comes out June 15. Keep your eyes peeled to Virgil’s website for order info!!!

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