Enlarge Photo by by Corrine Schiavone

Deafheaven Debut New Song “Canary Yellow”


Deafheaven have released another cut off their new album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, for your listening pleasure… or displeasure. The song is over twelve minutes in length, the first two-and-a-half of which are not even remotely black metal. Those pre-disposed to hating this band should have a field day. My guess is they’ll never even make it to the part where the actual, like, song song kicks in. Which is their loss. “Canary Yellow” may be the most wistful-sounding black metal song I’ve ever heard; it’s really beautiful and melodic despite all the croaking and firing squad drums. Or maybe it’s just the best damn metal song ever written about a Crayon. Either way, it’s pretty damn great.

Enjoy “Canary Yellow” below.  Ordinary Corrupt Human Love comes out July 13 on Anti Records. Pre-order it here. The band’s next tour starts two days earlier. Get dates here.

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