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Megadeth Plays “The Conjuring” Live for the First Time in 17 YEARS!!!


What a time to be alive. After Dave Mustaine swore he’d never play it live again, Megadeth performed “The Conjuring” from 1986’s iconic Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? on Tuesday (June 12th) and Wednesday (June 13th) at the Home Monitoring Aréna in Plzeň, Czech Republic and Spodek in Katowice, Poland (both shows in support of Judas Priest).

This is the first time the song has been performed live since 2001, and we have Chris Adler to thank for it. Several years ago, Mustaine promised he wouldn’t be playing “The Conjuring” anymore due to the lyrics, which contain instructions to several hexes and other “black magic” that he claims ruined his life. Adler, our guardian angel, was drumming for Megadeth at the time; he swooped in and suggested they re-record the song with different lyrics. Mustaine refused, but it got the gears turning:

“As I grow, I evolve in my outlook and my personal journey here, being a positive person and being a positive influence on other people’s lives. So as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, I wouldn’t mind doing the song again, ’cause it is a good song.”

And here we are. Maybe Mustaine is turning over a new leaf… again… or maybe he’s just catering to fans. Sadly, neither of the performances summoned the Seven Gods of the Apocalypse, but the footage is definitely still worth a watch. Check out both of the videos from fans below.

[via Metal Insider]

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