Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson’s “†He©U®e” Proves That There Are Not Too Many Interesting Things to Do


Sid Wilson’s new video for his song “†He©U®e” opens with archive footage of a NASA spokesman saying something to the effect of “there are too many interesting things to do,” which is pretty funny, because somehow, Wilson didn’t put any of those things into the track. I’ve been around monks who have taken a vow of silence and were still less boring than this. It does offer some insight into why Sid isn’t known for being Slipknot’s lead songwriter, though. So that’s something.

If you enjoyed that… hi, Sid, thanks for reading! The track will appear on your new album, ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢, which is out August 17. But you knew that.

[via Metal Injection]

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