Are You Extra Enough to Handle The Giant iPhone Bass?


If there’s one thing to remember about Danish hard rock band D-A-D, it’s…I kid, I know nothing about this band. And that’s okay, because it sounds like they play pretty typical arena rock, and there’s only so much of that shit a metalhead can take before he needs a track about Ed Gein that sounds like diesel-fueled trenchfoot.

Now, that SAID, D-A-D bassist Stig Pedersen’s new bass is absolutely ridiculous…but also kind of awesome. It’s a giant iPhone that appears to be displaying video of the crowd he’s playing to, AS he’s playing. You gotta give props to the guy for being absolutely ridiculous, if a bit extra (and props to a band named ‘D-A-D’ for turning the ultimate millennial accessory into the lamest of instruments).

Check out footage of Pedersen playing his absurd creation below. If you turn off the sound and listen closely, you can actually hear Jared Dines’ dick getting hard somewhere.

[via Kerrang!]

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