Let Bloodbath Sing You to Sleep with Their “Chainsaw Lullaby”


I’m gonna have my review of Bloodbath’s new album, The Arrow of Satan is Drawn, up before its release next week. So I don’t wanna blow my load praising “Chainsaw Lullaby,” the new single from the record. It rules. You knew it would before you heard a note because it’s Bloodbath. They are predictably rad.

So, instead, allow me to take a moment to lavish praise upon Ash Pears, who directed the track’s accompanying music video. Much as Bloodbath’s music is an homage to the death metal of the band members’ teenage years, so the video is an homage to the slasher films — or, more specifically, the trailers for slasher films — of that era. And it’s pitch-perfect. The clip made me feel like I was eleven-years-old again, wandering the aisles of the local video store, selecting horror movies to rent based almost entirely on how little my parents would approve of their box art. Le sigh.

Check out the “Chainsaw Lullaby” video below. Bloodbath’s The Arrow of Satan is Drawn comes out October 26th via Peaceville. Pre-order it here.

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