Video: Jared Dines Performs Live with Trivium


YouTuber Jared Dines is currently out on tour with Trivium for two weeks vlogging, hanging out, adjusting his backwards cap and playing the occasional song live with the band. While both Dines and Trivium came under fire earlier this week from those most venomous cretins — internet commenters — Dines seems to be having an absolute blast out there on the road (what a life!).

Dines made his first live appearance of the tour two nights ago (October 16th) in Cleveland, OH, joining Trivium for “Into the Mouth of Hell We March.” Dines, the band and the fans all seem to be having a great time (as you can see in the video footage below), but I’m actually more interested in Matt Heafy’s pre-song banter egging on the crowd to prove they’re better than Philadelphia, who Heafy calls “the best crowd we have seen all tour long.” I’m willing to bet he says some version of that taunt every night (doesn’t every band’s vocalist?), and I’d love to see a supercut of each night’s banter with <regional rivalry city X> subbed in. Anyone wanna get on top of that for us?

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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