Mark Morton Ranks Lamb of God’s Albums from Worst to Best


Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton is the latest prominent musician to rank his band’s discography from worst to best for Metal Hammer. You can check out his list below, and read his explanations for his choices here.

Which I suspect you’re gonna wanna do, ’cause Morton’s selections are almost certainly going to be, er, unique. As we say every time someone does one of these lists, the musician obviously has a different perspective on his band’s output than the fans do, and musicians often tend to favor newer material because they feel it best represents their current creative state, while fans tend to favor older material because it’s probably what got them into the band in the first place and will always hold a special/sentimental place in their hearts. So the fact that, for example, Morton’s list is bookended with LoG’s oldest and newest releases (not counting the Burn the Priest stuff) makes perfect sense, even if it’s guaranteed to raise eyebrows from longtime admirers.

Now, having said all that, here’s Mr. Morton’s list:

7. New American Gospel (2000)

6. Resolution (2012)

5. Ashes of the Wake (2004)

4. Sacrament (2006)

3. As the Palaces Burn (2003)

2. Wrath (2009)

1. VII: Sturm Und Drang (2015)

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