Video: The Ultimate Stage Fail


Sometimes you wanna rock out on stage with all your heart. Sometimes you’re FEEEEEELING it, man, and you wanna fucking go for it, over the top! You’re in the moment, summoning Corpsegrinder’s spirit to use all the strength in your neck muscles for a furious windmill, the rhythm section is pulsating behind you, the guitars are chugging away, everything is wonderful, and then…

Well, watch the video. The band is Illumina from The Phillipines and the true hero you see up on stage — who herself sent this video directly to MetalSucks, because what good is life if you can’t make fun of yourself sometimes? — her name is Jah Zell. Praise be with you, Jah. Everyone else: enjoy!

The caption, in case you’re wondering, translates to, “I believe that when you fall you will get a star in heaven. Do you want to try?”

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