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Dave Mustaine Says He’s Gonna Tone Down The Politics On Megadeth’s Next Album


In a time of such tremendous civil unrest, one would think that Dave Mustaine would be elated at the opportunities not only for very insightful commentary, but also lyrical content. However, it turns out that things are so fucked Mustaine doesn’t even wanna go there:

“I think right now that the state of affairs in the world, it’s so horrible – it’s just so horrible. People are so mean to each other. So, I’ve toned it down a little bit with the political stuff to where it’s more about being a one-world kind of people, about the stuff that affects us as people, not so much as citizens of any government or nation. Why put an unnecessary wall up between us, right.”

This is a sign from the universe, man. We’ve gotta figure shit out before things get so out of control that Mustaine himself runs for office.

But, on the bright side, Megadeth’s new album is well underway. Mustaine tells The Metal Voice that the group has a “huge head start on the record”, adding that guitarist Kiko Loureiro and Dirk Verbeuren have been in the studio to lay down some riffs and that bassist David Ellefson will be tracking soon. Check out this new music teaser they shared last month, and make sure to get tickets to the first ever Megacruise in 2019.

[via Loudwire]

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