Carnal Forge: Still Slapping After All These Years


I may be Carnal Forge fan #1 when it comes to the metal press, but the comments on their last single, “Parasites,” were surprisingly supportive (especially by MetalSucks standards). This band’s still got it!

Their latest single, “Reforged” (which I’m guessing is some kind of self-reference about the band coming back together, which I LOVE), is no exception: it’s an absolute slapper and a half! The riffs, the beats, the vocals, the guitar hooks… all there! So glad this band is back in our lives. In a time when Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra have basically become the same thing (not that I have any problem with that, both are cranking out killer material), we needed someone like Carnal Forge to come along and remind us all how hard this brand of melodeath could go.

Gun to Mouth Salvation comes out January 25th via ViciSolum. Pre-order here.

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