Ben Weinman (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) Has Launched an Animal Sanctuary


Of all the things we could’ve imagined Ben Weinman would do after putting an end to The Dillinger Escape Plan just over a year ago, “launch an animal sanctuary” wouldn’t have even come close to making the list. But life is weird that way, and after Ben and his wife Jennifer bought a home last year whose previous owners asked if their animals could stick around for a bit after the sale, “a bit” became forever, what started as giving a few animals a home turned into a full-fledged rescue operation, and here we are!

Party Smasher Sanctuary, named in association with Ben’s record label, currently houses 80 rescue animals (and growing), with goats, sheep, chicken, pigs, horses, turkeys, ducks and more all on premises. He lovingly describes the animals as “way more predictable than musicians,” and lol, ain’t that true.

To help support their animal rescue, Ben and Jennifer have launched a Patreon campaign. Backers get access to perks such as exclusive footage of Ben creating new music (he’s still an active musician, too, and the Patreon pitch video teases content with Brent Hinds, perhaps indicating Giraffe Tongue Orchestra will become active again soon — fun!), early access to all the music Ben creates, behind the scenes video of his family and the animals, a tour of the Party Smasher farm and even a jam with Ben himself.

Join the Patreon here. Do it because you love Ben’s music, do it because you love animals, do it because you wanna feel good about yourself today… whatever the reason, do it!

[via The PRP]

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