WSOU Presents New Music Mondays: Stream The Sword’s New Album Used Future in Full!

Plus: win a copy of The Sword's new album!

Update: The Entire Band Just Quit The Faceless

Every band member just quit, leaving founder/leader Michael Keene behind.

Ken Sorceron Quits The Faceless

The band vows not to cancel any upcoming shows.

Here’s What Pantera Would Sound Like Tuned Down on a 9-String Guitar


Godsmack and Shinedown Will Tour Together, Announce More Dates

It's a mega radio hard rock tour.

Weedeater’s “Dixie” Dave Collins DJed Randy Blythe’s Wedding

Don't stop believin'!

Let This New Uada Track Fill Your Monday With Fog and Shadow

The title track from the sophomore album of arguably the best black metal band in the country.

Terrance Hobbs Discusses Frank Mullen’s Retirement from Suffocation, Confirms They’re Working on a Farewell Tour

The band is "trying to find out what would be the best [markets] that [Mullen will] be able to do…

Legend of the Seagullmen Fan Art Competition: Win a Mega-Bundle from the New Band Featuring Members of Tool and Mastodon!

Includes a special edition blue/white variant vinyl, drum sticks signed by Danny Carey, a Seagull skull necklace, the CD edition…

Watch Between The Buried and Me Take Us Through a Rundown Of Their Tour Gear

So many pedals.

Kamelot Guitarist Thomas Youngblood on The MetalSucks Podcast #230

We discuss their new album The Shadow Theory, how Lauren Hart of Once Human (who guests on the new record)…

Watch: Kids React to System of a Down and Absolutely LOVE It

Let's play them some Pig Destroyer and see what happens.

Here’s Another New Underoath Song Called “Rapture”

Has the band gone soft in their old, secular age?

Mustainal Cunt: Exactly What You Think It Is

If you loathe Mustaine, Nugent, and Labonte as much as we do, this is the joke-grindcore band for you.

Watch “The Week in Metal with Whitney Moore” for March 19th, 2018

Misha Mansoor says he doesn't make money from Periphery,, Rob Halford and Nergal want to make black metal together, and…

Here’s What Metallica Would Sound Like with the Guitar and Bass Swapped

Really puts the focus on the complexity of Metallica's bass lines.

The Reunion of the Millenium


Necrophagia Vocalist Frank “Killjoy” Pucci Has Died at Just 48 Years Old

The cause of death has not been revealed.

4-Year-Old Wants to See Slayer, Rob Zombie Starts Shooting His New Movie, and More Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Also includes Suffocation, Iron Maiden, Periphery, and more.

Decrepit Birth Drummer Samus Paulicelli Just Released A Solo EP And It’s Eargasmic

While Samus may be best known for his penile YouTube escapades and covers, his original material is superb, too.