• Axl Rosenberg

Scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 27 at the Knights of Columbus in Oswego, NY, the Central New York Aggressive Metal Fest will feature performances by such local New York, New Jersey, and Massachussets bands as The Red Death, Sexcrement, Fecal Corpse, and Clitorture. And if these bands’ MySpace pages (to say nothing of their extremely, um, creative names) are any indication, the day should be full of wicked humor- and brutal extreme music.

Full disclosure: I am not really familiar with any of the acts on the bill, and listening to the tracks on the bands’ various pages, I was left wondering “Where the hell is Oswego?” and “Who knew there was so much anger there?” The cuts are generally vicious- death, black metal and grindcore influenced by only the most merciless underground acts of the metal world. It’s almost depressing to think that, one day, one of them could add clean vocals, get signed, hire Mudrock to produce, and make the crappiest metalcore (or nu-metalcore or melodic nu-core or nu-mall or whatever the fuck the Blabbermouth brats are calling it in five years) album of the year.

The bands whose music struck me as the most promising are two who, apparently, aren’t yet big enough on the local scene to warrant having their own font or logo on the fest’s promotional posters. The first, Entrail, could probably put a record out on Earache tomorrow and seem right at home touring as support for Hate Eternal; the second, Glutton, have two songs posted, both of which start with crunchy American New Wave riffs before devolving into all-out chaos reminscent of Pig Destroyer.

In any case, it’s important to remember that it’s from little local scenes like this one that the stuff of metal legend is born; and, besides, you just gotta love that the promoters didn’t think that “Central NY Metal Fest” was specific enough- they just HAD to add “aggressive,” lest any Godsuck fans wander in. If you’re in the Oswego area (and who isn’t, really?), be sure to swing on by and get your mosh on.


You can find out more abouth the Central New York Aggressive Metal Fest here.

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