SXSW LogoThat’s right kiddies, the metal is going to descend upon Austin, Texas this year for the annual South by Southwest Music Festival, March 14-18. In between barbecue and more barbecue, we plan on checking out some music, that is if we can make our way through the throngs of obnoxious trend-following indie-rock hipsters without getting angry and starting a moshpit to knock them all the fuck down. Believe it or not there will actually be some quality hard rock and metal shows this year. Click “Read More…” for my picks from the recently released preliminary schedule. Have any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

At All Cost (11:00pm), The Human Abstract (12:00am), and Brand New Sin (1:00am) @ Red 7 Patio — The real show-stopper here could be At All Cost. I haven’t heard of these guys, but man are the songs on their MySpace page good. Check them out. Also, dig the shredding on the first track on The Human Abstract’s MySpace page. Wow. I think most hipsters will steer clear of this show, should be rockin.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Dawn Over Zero @ The Copa Bar & Grill (6pm) — If the crazy riffage and lockstep rhythms of “Out of Lies” on their MySpace page aren’t impressive enough for you, then just listen to “Circulation.” The guitar work and drum production are truly breathtaking, as is the unbelievably catchy songwriting. Will someone please sign this band?

Stephen Brodsky’s Octave Museum @ Emo’s Annex (7:30pm) — Cave In front-man Stephen Brodsky’s new project. Not as rockin’ as Cave In, but still cool.

Apollo Sunshine @ Dirty Dog Bar (9:00pm) — Not metal, but any fan of progressive bands like The Mars Volta or Tool will probably appreciate Apollo Sunshine’s zany, progressive take on ’60s/’70s Brit-pop.

RWAKE @ Room 710 (12:00am) — Think Deftones-style vocals and Mastodon guitars with a sludge-metal tint. This is part of the Relapse Records showcase event, with RWAKE appearing immediately prior to headliners Alabama Thunderpussy.

Peelander-Z @ Molotov Lounge (1:00am) — If you haven’t seen them yet, no description will do this show justice. Three fully costumed Japanese comic book characters (plus an entourage) playing loud power-chord punk while acting out some kind of Japanese comic book story line. Can you say “Human Bowling?”

Friday, 16 March 2007

Satellite Party @ Stubb’s (10:30) — Perry Farrell and Nuno Bettencourt. See yesterday’s post about this band. Yawn. Could be cool live, though. Also, good luck getting into Stubb’s.

Kylesa @ Emo’s IV Lounge (12:00am) — In the Mastodon school of riffage, with a female and male singer. I’m not sure about this band, but Revolver magazine raved about them in their recent issue.

Gosling @ Co-op Bar (12:00am) — The new band formed by all of the former members of Loudermilk. This band definitely doesn’t rock as hard as Loudermilk, but hey, it’s worth a shot?

Hammers of Misfortune @ Emo’s IV Lounge (1:00am) — I’m at a loss to describe this band, the other relatively unknown band aside from At All Cost (see above) that I’m excited to see. Kind of a NWOBHM-type thing, but way tighter and better produced than bands like The Sword or Early Man could ever hope to be.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Priestess (4:00pm) and Mastodon (8:00pm) @ Town Lake Stage at Auditorium Shores — Self-explanatory. But this is going to be a nightmare to get into, so I might just pass.

The Summer Wardrobe @ Latitude 30 (8:00pm) — Not metal, more like alt-country, but if you’re a sucker for an amazing pedal steel player, as I am, you’ll love these dudes. Saw them during CMJ in New York and they were excellent.

Vains of Jenna @ Co-op Bar (1:00am) — Vains of Jenna will bring you LA-style sleaze/glam rock it like it’s still 1986. But they’re from Sweden, so I guess they’d be closer to Hanoi Rocks (Finland)? Whatever, either way, these dudes rock.

Cursive @ Beauty Bar Patio (1:00am) — The originators of artsy hardcore. This is a show not to miss.

Am I missing anything? Drop a comment, mofos.


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