In response to the overwhelming popularity of yesterday’s post about The Arcade Fire, I figured I’d make this a daily column for the rest of the week. Hidy-ho! Without further ado, here is Wednesday’s installment:

1. Check out what “ukjack” posted on the Arcade Fire fan forum:

“where were you… when you first listened to neon bible? and I mean the real thing, not the leak…
I was in my bedroom, sitting in a comfy chair, with the CD player turned up nice and loud – Friday 2nd March 2007. because let’s face it, this’ll be one of these key moments in your life that in 10 years or so, you’ll be reminiscing with your best friends, remembering how that day changed your life. who knows, we may soon get new fans posting their birthdays as 5th/6th March 2007 – stating that they were born the day they first heard Neon Bible…”

Are you fucking KIDDING me?? I’m sorry dude, but The Arcade Fire is not on the level of the JFK shooting, the moon landing, 9/11, or even The Beatles coming to America. Who ARE you?? Fuck off!

Click through for reasons 2 and 3…

2. Watching hipsters getting their panties all up in a bunch about me not liking this band is HILARIOUS. I am enjoying every second of it! Keep it comin’, guys!

3. Their record label, Merge Records, is clearly paying Idolator.com with cash, sex, cocaine, or all of the above (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). Idolator posted SEVEN (yes, SEVEN!) articles about or mentioning this band yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I like Idolator. But anything hyped up this much can not possibly be as good as billed (see also: Kevin Federline, the Zune, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy), unless it happens to be anything related to the band TOOL.

Be sure to tune in again tomorrow for Thursday’s edition of “Top Three Reasons of the Day to Hate the Arcade Fire!”


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