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  • Axl Rosenberg

m_c150a241e77d788c1146e01279e4461e.jpgKINGDOM OF SORROW, TITLE TBA?

Okay, so this can’t really be “Album of the Day” since it’s not actually out yet, but the two songs on the band’s MySpace page kick more ass than a compulsive donkey-fucker. “Begging for the Truth” starts with like Hatebreedian Slayercore and Jamey Jasta is all screaming and angry and stuff, and just when you think this couldn’t make you wanna break shit more than you wanna break shit right now, the song slows down and Kirk Windstein comes in he sounds like he’s gotta take a major dump but it’s all good and now he and Jamey are screaming together about fists telling me the truth or something and the breakdown comes and in my mind I can see the nastiest pits man has ever known that don’t belong to a hippie chick. “Buried in Black” was on that lame Headbanger’s Ball compilation last year and just sounds like four minutes of giant elephants marching and occasionally stopping to take shits so big they actually kill some poor dude standing nearby: in other words, it’s pretty much the best song ever written. I don’t even know if these dudes have a label (their bio isn’t very helpful) but I’ve been hearing about this project forever and I think these dudes need to get this record out, like, yesterday.


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