Dark New DayIt’s old hat already that Dark New Day guitarist Clint Lowery (ex-Sevendust) has been tapped as a touring replacement for Korn‘s departed guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. What didn’t make the headlines is that another Dark New Day member, drummer Will Hunt, has also taken a summer money gig as the drummer in the solo band of Motley Crue singer Vince Neil. After his original band Skrape disbanded, Will Hunt toured and recorded in Tommy Lee‘s solo band and also filled in for Tommy for a few shows on last year’s Motley Crue tour when Mr. Lee was suffering from tendinitis. This begs the question: what is going on with Dark New Day?

Around the time that Clint Lowery was announced as Korn’s touring guitar player for the summer we learned that Dark New Day had supposedly just wrapped up recording their new album. But what next? Furthermore, what are the other dudes in Dark New Day up to? Things look pretty grim for the other members who are no doubt hard up for cash right about now. If guitarist Troy McLawhorn is hoping for a Doubledrive reunion he may as well wait for Chinese Democracy to be released. Same goes for Brett Hestla (vocals) of Virgos Merlot, unless Creed decides to reunite and tap him as the touring bass player once again (and I think we can all agree that it would be for the best if this never happens).

And what about poor Corey Lowery? The elder Lowery brother has had absolute SHIT luck with bands; just look at his track record. Rap-funk-metal pioneers Stuck Mojo never quite hit the big time, though they made modest livings as road dogs. Corey left the Mojo to take part in failed nu-metal supergroup Stereomud, which despite two admittedly amazing songs… well, to put it quite frankly this band pretty much sucked. Then came Dark New Day, and we all know the story there. While his brother and his drummer took money gigs, Corey figured he would join in the party as well and teamed up with another B-rate nu-metal band Switched for their 2006 release Ghosts in the Machine. “Who?” Exactly. I sure hope this dude has a smokin’ hot girlfriend because he could sure use some love right about now.

Here’s to hoping DND can get their next record out soon. The first one was too good for it be a one-off project.


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