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FixerOften times bands have songs on MySpace that impress but the bands completely fail to look professional at all in a live setting. This is absolutely not the case with New York’s FIXER, a rarity in that they are a hard rock band in a city filled mostly with annoying indie-rock shits. Fixer combines elements of ’80s glam rock with modern songwriting and production that will leave ladies across the US drooling. The band rocked Brooklyn’s Trash Bar Friday night to a mostly packed and totally energetic audience; those in attendance were not just the other bands and their girlfriends — this band actually has fans, another NYC rarity. Eyeliner-streaked frontman Evan Saffer was as charismatic a stage performer as I have seen on a local level in years, and he was equally as impressive vocally, displaying both range and accuracy all while putting on a hell of a show with just the right amount of machismo to keep the ladies screaming and the guys jealous. Guitarist Wilson displayed some impressive lead prowess, and the rhythm section of J Brown (bass) and Rev Newton (drums) laid a solid foundation, though my view from the back of the room was limited. Look for Fixer touring the Eastern and Upper Midwest states in April and May.


Visit Fixer on MySpace. “Before the Sun” is my personal fave.

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