• Axl Rosenberg

tommy_stinsongnr.jpgGuns N’ Roses have postponed the kick-off of their summer tour, which was scheduled to begin next week in Japan, due to an injury sustained by bassist Tommy Stinson. In a statement, Stinson explains:

“I feel so bad right now. I accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. I put my hand down to break my fall and heard a loud ‘pop.’ The next morning my hand looked like a balloon. I went to see my doctor and while the good news is that it’s not broken, the bad is news is it’s severely sprained and I may have done some ligament damage. We had our last rehearsal a few days ago and shipped the gear to Japan and then this happened. I feel horrible.

“I’d like to apologize to our Japanese fans that were looking forward to seeing us and know that we will we see you all soon. Again, we’d like to sincerely thank our fans worldwide for their patience and support.”

While I wish only the best for Stinson, given Axl Rose’s history of last-minute cancellations, GN’R fans will surely debate the legitimacy of this turn of events for years to come; don’t forget that a few years ago the band cancelled some shows because then-guitarist Buckethead was allegedly suffering from severe internal bleeding- an illness no one has ever acknowledged or explained again since.

GN’R will re-schedule these dates at a later time and resume the tour as planned May 1 in South Africa for the My Coke festival.


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