• Axl Rosenberg

pigdestroyer.jpgPig Destroyer, very possibly the best grindcore band working today (please, someone add them to the Sounds of the Underground bill, PLEASE), have posted the first new song from their forthcoming offering The Phantom Limb, “Loathsome,” on their MySpace page*. It’s pretty long for a Pig Destoryer song (which is to say it’s about four minutes), and, yes, it rocks. HARD. It’s got groove, it’s got rage, it’s got time changes and multiple riffs and everything you could ever ask of an underground metal band. Simply put: this song will destroy things. Like, uh, pigs.

The Phantom Limb, which would’ve made a much better name for that shitty Star Wars movie, comes out June 12 on Relapse.


*Incidentally, the band has to call said MySpace page “The Real Pig Destroyer,” because the URL myspace.com/pigdestroyer is already taken by some schmuck who calls himself “JoJo” and apparently thinks Senses Fail are, y’know, a good band. But I ask you: how many pigs have Sense Fail destroyed? None, I’d wager.

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